A Four-Star FORE Review

This Swing Barrel Review was written by a SCGA member as a product to feature in the Golf Goods section of FORE, a Southern California Golf Association publication. The Golf Goods section focuses on new, improved or popular golf related products. The article below was written by Michael Sheehy (SCGA member), and has been edited for publication.

The Swing Barrel arrived and although it looked fairly complex it was a breeze to assemble in under 5 minutes. Made of strong, high quality metal the device was very stable and built to last. It was simple to adjust the arms to the level of my hip height so the device was ready to use.

I reviewed the video on the swing Barrel website – it was a simple and informative video. I think all a golfer needs to know is included in the video and each golfer needs to experiment with setting the bars at different heights and at different distances from the body to achieve the optimal result for themselves.

I was very excited to try the device with a full swing and I took it to the range the next day. Feeling slightly self-conscious I went to the end of the range where I’d be less conspicuous. (And I didn’t want anyone asking to try the Swing Barrel…I wanted it all to myself!) I began hitting balls and found the immediate feedback to be very helpful. It didn’t take long to get the arms set to just a few inches on either side of my hips and making a full swing without moving the padded arms. When they do move it is quick and easy to reposition them in place and start again. After 15 minutes I was already making better contact as one of my particular swing problems is too much hip slide on the downswing. For a golfer who has read countless books and taken many private lessons, this immediate feedback is worth a thousand words and actually creates the proper hip rotation in a much shorter time frame than the normal swing tip or swing change would take. It takes a little adjustment to get used to taking a full swing within the device, but not long. And the padded rubber on the arms provides just enough feedback to keep one rotating around the spine without any discomfort from hitting the arm when too much lateral slide occurs.

I then moved the left arm down to knee height as I have a slight problem of letting the left knee get outside my left foot on the follow through. Again, the device gives immediate feedback and achieved very rapid results in stopping the incorrect knee action. It actually forced me to straighten my left leg more than normal on the downswing, which had the wonderful benefit of forcing my left hip around faster and generating increased club head speed through impact.

I also noticed that I could use the center base arm to position the ball in the exact same spot which helped with alignment. It also helped keep my head and spine centered over the ball in concert with the padded arms of the device. So after 30 minutes I was definitely turning more, tilting and sliding less, and making crisper and more efficient contact.

The Swing Barrel is one of the better training devices I have experienced. Easy to assemble and made of quality steel construction, this device can be used to quickly correct bad habits and instill proper fundamentals. There is so much complicated theory out there on the golf swing, however this training aid required minimal theory and instead simply relies on instant feedback…swing without moving the padded arms and you’ll develop a better, faster and more repeatable golf swing. For an avid golfer like me who seeks any possible advantage, the Swing Barrel provided immediate feedback that translated into better ball striking.

Reviewed by Michael Sheehy, 17.1 HI